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We are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and are primarily responsible for raising funds locally.  We ARE NOT funded daily by the National RSPCA or donations made to it, please support our vital work for local animals directly.

Our bunnies need your money!

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Taylor's Rehoming Centre is 20 years old this year. Our existing rabbit runs have been there since the centre opened.  Rabbits in our care currently live in hutches in sheds and are moved out to the runs for exercise and fresh air. This is ok but not ideal for them if they're not keen on being handled and many of our rabbits will stay at the centre for more than six months before they find new homes. Our project is to meet a need we've identified to replace the existing outdoor runs with new runs with self contained accommodation attached.  The rabbits will be able to come and go as they please using a cat flap and so won't need to be handled to move them from cage to run (which they're really not keen on!!). The proposed new runs will have concrete bases and metal frames which will make them secure and escape proof.  The rabbits will have more space for exercise and enrichment in a safe and secure environment. The new runs will be easier to keep clean, be weatherproof and will enable us to fully meet the licensing requirements. They will also free up staff time to help other animals in our care and may enable us to help more rabbits than we do currently. Our plan is to get the runs built and opened as part of the celebration of our 20th anniversary year. With your help we can do it!!

Click here to donate on our Crowdfunder page

Cat Pen Heater Appeal

We need to raise 1,500 to buy 10 new flat panel heaters for our cat pens

Please donate today and help keep our cats warm and cosy

Find out more about our appeal on our dedicated

Cat Pen Heater Appeal Page

You can make your donation directly via the DONATE button below, via credit or debit card

Please phone us on 01305 259672 if you would prefer to pay by phone, or you can pop in to Taylors to pay by cash or card


After making your online donation, PLEASE EMAIL US ON to let us know it's for the cat pen heater appeal.

Rehoming statistics

In 2023 we rehomed

120 cats

26 rabbits

34 small animals

12 birds

Since Taylors opened we have found homes for over 11,000 animals!

Taylors Open Day 2023

Thanks so much to everyone who supported the event - we raised 4,104.47 for the animals!

Shop Volunteers needed

Our Bridport, Sherborne and Weymouth Shops are in need of more volunteers!

If this is something you would like to find out more about, please get in touch!

We particularly need volunteers for our new Weymouth shop!

Ready to apply? Please fill out our

Online Volunteer Application Form

Annual Report and Accounts

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Click here for our full 2022 accounts

2023 accounts will be available soon

Needed - Donated Cat Food

Our cats are fed exclusively on Whiskas and Felix, as using a variety of cat foods can upset their tummies. 

If you could donate a few cans or pouches, we would be so grateful. 

Food can be dropped off at Taylor's, or at any of our Charity Shops.

Or you could donate cat food money by PayPal, just send us a message to let us know what it's for.

Buy a tea towel to support us

Great range of superb quality Ulster Weavers tea towels - available in our charity shops and via our eBay store

RSPCA West Dorset Branch is proud of our no euthanasia policy for healthy re-homeable animals

If you have any queries about our euthanasia policy, please get in touch.

The Animal Welfare Act

"The Five Freedoms"

As well as increasing the penalties for those who inflict the most serious offences, the Animal Welfare Act makes it a legal requirement for pet owners to do what is reasonable to provide for their animal's needs. These are:

a proper diet (food and water)
somewhere suitable to live
any need to be housed with or apart from other animals
allowing them to express normal behaviour
protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease


Contact information

RSPCA West Dorset Branch

PO Box 5460



T: 01305 259672



RSPCA West Dorset Branch is a separate charity affiliated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).  We cover the towns of Dorchester, Bridport, Weymouth, Portland, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Sherborne and Axminster (Devon) and the surrounding villages.  Our priorities are the welfare and rehoming of local animals.  We raise our funds within the Branch boundaries and all money raised is spent within the area.  We are responsible for "Taylors Rehoming Centre" at Kingston Maurward, Dorchester.

If you wish to report an Animal Emergency or have concerns regarding the welfare of an animal please telephone 0300 1234 999.  Please also call this number if you need to have an unowned or wild animal collected.